About Us

Gal - Design and construction sites was established by a team of skilled and experienced people, who joined together in order to address quality
Reliable in developing and building websites. The global world, more important than ever to have any business site
Represent him every hour, every year.

We specialize in building complex sites, development and integration of many applications with different shades of activities
Technological emphases, most complex and delicate.
To ensure flexibility and security without compromise, we chose to base our work on the infrastructure developed code
Open, particularly licensing GPL or MIT. Infrastructures developed and controlled by thousands of professionals around the world. That
Allow us to offer solutions in front of technological information systems.

We believe quality begins in the small details. Therefore the most stringent standards of the W3C is
Ner at our feet. We guarantee full compatibility of common browsers: Internet Explorer version 6 and above, Firefox
, Chrome and browser that supports XHTML 1.1 and CSS 2.1.

Quality is fundamental analysis, design wise and simple, precise, strict work rules balance details. Site Promotion
Search engines is taken into account from the characterization phase, through site design, development and ongoing counseling about optimizing presence
Site search engines, Google's head.
We insist on personal service to each customer and all along the process we are working in cooperation with full transparency with the customer.
Each project is the same. Every project is an entire world.

Our motto is high quality with excellent service. We do not compromise on less than the best: thinking outside
The box, a young and innovative design technology and smart building site and easy to operate with optimal matching engines
Various search, including Google. Among the programming languages we use them: My SQL, php, javascript, css, HTML.
Timely, availability, accessibility, work according to standards are the prominent characteristics of Ashiitno.
We give you a free initial consultation to support you in building your site.

Why us?

We are serious, professional work and high standards.
We specialize in providing web solutions, offering a wide range of professional services quality: building concept / content,
E-commerce, cellular site, links to social networks, SEO and hosting.
Attached with the construction site content management system, with which you can edit pages, change, add, subtract text
Images in several simple steps. The system is built in a smart, convenient and easy to operate and requires prior knowledge.
Contact us does not end with the construction site. We are here for you - to advise, support and guide you whenever you need.